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We have the deepest pool of talented professionals from which to select your next hire.  A local recruitment brand exploding on the national stage. Built on the foundations of Forsythes – a respected professional services firm established in NSW in 1955. These humble roots and trusted history are critical in the attraction of discerning professional jobseekers. You don't need a revolving door of burnt-out commission-driven resume-spammers. And neither do we. We're deep local teams led by respected recruitment legends Brigitte Landy and Jo Turl

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Scott Henshaw

Director - Finance, Admin, CX, Marketing and Sales

Lucky for us, Scott's dream of a professional sporting career didn't get off the ground. Instead he's breaking the recruitment industry stereotype, effortlessly. You will know where you stand every step of the way. You will hear the good news and the bad. And if he says he's going to do something, he will follow up and follow through.

Paul Sneddon


This is a guy who has seen it all before. In a good way. Candidates listen when he speaks. Clients feel confident when he acts. Paul makes more placements than not from the existing network he has built over 20 years in the game and when they're ready to move again, they call.

Brigette Landy

Hunter Manager - Finance, Admin, CX, Marketing and Sales

17 years of service, 4 internal promotions, global recruitment experience and over 4,500 placements later. Brig is the founder of our Newcastle CX Network and a customer experience game-changer in the talent industry.

Jo Turl

Western Sydney Manager - Finance, Admin, CX, Marketing and Sales

When you've owned your own business, you get it. That's Jo. She gets it. The highs and lows. She knows what really matters and she's worn every hat. Now she treats her client business with that same care. She feels the passion. And the pressure. For and alongside you.

Shelley Wagstaff

Central Coast Manager - Finance, Admin, CX, Marketing and Sales

Best known for her vibrant, life of the office nature and treating her candidates and clients like family. You know we’re talking about Shelley. She's a born recruiter. Just crazy enough on the inside, and just normal enough on the outside.

Alex Underwood


When employees need a problem solved, they go to HR. When HR needs a problem solved, they go to Alex. Be it cultural, operational or personal, she has the full life cycle covered.

Posted 21 hours ago

Pick Packers - Day & Afternoon shift

Company Penrith Personnel

Location Sydney

Type Full Time

Salary/Rate $28.00 - $32.00 Hourly

Posted 1 day ago

LF and LO Operators

Company Penrith Personnel

Location Sydney

Type Full Time

Salary/Rate $29.00 - $34.00 Hourly

Posted 1 day ago

Air Conditioning Technician

Location Central Coast

Type Full Time

Salary/Rate $30.00 - $40.00 Hourly

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