Job Search Tips That Will Help You Land Your Dream Job in 2021 and Beyond

If you bet one Australian dollar in 2019 that the job market would look like it does in 2021, you’d be jollying on a yacht sipping a Sapphire Martini right now. 

So the pandemic flipped the job market on its head and inside out, leaving candidates at sea about how best to bag the job of their dreams, but don’t worry. Because we’ve got the best job search strategies that will ensure you’re doing everything possible to help you secure the job of your dreams in 2021 and beyond.

1. Update your CV

Think of your CV like a shop window. It needs to impress. It needs to stop people in their tracks. And it needs to give employers/recruiters an overview of your career, skills and expertise. 

An unknown golden rule when sending a CV is to tweak it to the job you’re applying for, whether it’s highlighting specific skills or adding words or phrases that feature in the job description.

And don’t forget to add a little bit of creativity if you’re applying for a creative role. Just because it’s a CV doesn’t mean it needs to sound like a robot, caked in jargon. Yes, keep it professional. But let it live a little, too.

2. LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn

Speaking from personal experience, LinkedIn is the place to be if you’re on a job hunt. It’s a hot, thriving paradise for job seekers. Studies show that 80% of jobs are now fulfilled internally or through networking, and we’ll bet a fair few of those are on LinkedIn. 

A scroll-stoppingly good profile has the potential to bag you the job of your dreams, as cringy as that sounds. Unlike your CV, which is limited to a few hundred words, your LinkedIn profile is a chance to get your personality across. And unless you’re a deeply horrible person, this can work in your favour when it comes to applying for jobs and being headhunted.

3. Learn a New Skill

Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world”, which is something we agree with, not just in a work environment, but in life in general, too. 

Whether it’s attending a webinar or completing an online course, every little helps (hey Tesco), and the more training and educational pieces you have on your CV, the better — even if it’s the odd free course. (Psst, LinkedIn is great for these.)

4. Smile, You’re on Camera

Every man and his pet spider are using Zoom, whether for chatting to their pals or having weekly catch-ups with their manager. While we have the pandemic to thank for that, Zoom is here to stay, and with it, video interviews.

Being prepared for video interviews will set you in good stead for when the inevitable happens, and you get invited to attend or complete one. Do a quick Google and familiarise yourself with the best practices, interview formats and software you’ll need to use.

5. Be Selective with Your Search

It’s easy to get roped into applying for jobs that don’t quite match what you’re looking for, especially if you’ve been unemployed for a while. But try not to. Broadening your search too wide will only halt your progress, as applying for jobs you’re not entirely passionate about will only lead to you cutting corners and therefore, rejections. 

Also, your passion for the role will come across in an interview. If you can’t speak freely, openly and honestly about your expertise and experience, this could be a red flag for the interviewer.

6. Check Out Company Websites

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of companies don’t advertise on job sites. Instead, they use their website and social channels. So if you have a company in mind that you’d love to work for, check their website once a week to avoid missing out.

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