Hi there. We’re Rarekind.

We've been in the game for over 60 years. And while that means we've got a sturdy backbone and lots of experience, we're still always progressing, evolving and making sure we're a step ahead.

We've helped transform countless workplaces and career trajectories- for the better. We have over 60 people-people working in specialist fields to find and place the remarkable. To give business uncommon advantage. 

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People behind the people

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Geoff Crews

Managing Director

A career consultant and talent strategist. A marketing and sociology enthusiast. A business leader fuelled by intense optimism and an inability to stand still. Geoff builds businesses by understanding the changing needs of employees, customers and technology.

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Emily Bowen

Chief Operations Officer

Capturing so much of what we love about raising leaders. Emily started at the most important and celebrated place in our business: the bottom, and has become a steady hand on many moving parts. And a mentor to new and emerging leaders.

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Rachelle Endicott

Financial Controller

Rachelle is a customer-led numbers navigator. She's fast. Not out of control fast, efficient fast. And she's serious about ambition and growth. Ours and that of our clients. Try to keep up, we dare you.

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Abbey Naylor

Brand Experience Coordinator

Employees join great brands. They stay for great leaders. But do great employee experiences really even exist if no one knows about them? That’s why when we advise on recruitment and HR, we think like a marketer. We think like Abbey.


We find one-of-a-kind people and make them yours. The kind of people who don't just fit into culture but help create it.

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